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Your Simple Digital Tips

Read the latest news and tips from your simple digital to help you understand the digital process as simply as possible.

Hello there, #nonscarytechylady here with my simple guide to creating strong and secure passwords without the stress. Let's keep it simple and secure with these easy steps:

Every time you register for a service or access to information online, you will be asked to create a secure password. Very quickly you will have far more passwords than you can remember. (I have 188!) You will also be told not to write it down which is totally impractical!

If you are new to working online or have lost track of your passwords, its worth spending some time to set yourself up with a system that is simple and safe.

Here is my simple guide to creating safe passwords and securely saving them online.


1.       Length Matters:

Longer passwords are stronger.

Aim for at least 12 characters.


2.       Mix It Up:

Combine uppercase and lowercase letters.

Add in numbers and special characters like these  ~`! @#$%^&*()_-+={[}]|\:;"'<,>.?/

Never use easily guessable information like birthdays or names.


3.       Passphrase Power:

Think of a favourite phrase or quote.

Use the first letter of each word.

Then add numbers or symbols.


4.       Unique for Each:

Don't use the same password for all your accounts.

If one gets compromised, then the others stay safe.


5.       Avoid Dictionary Words:

Randomness is your friend.

Steer clear of common words or phrases.


6.       Password Managers:

Consider using a password manager for extra simplicity.

They generate and store strong passwords for you.

For Example Google password manager

7.       Update Regularly:

Change passwords periodically.

Especially if you hear about a security breach.

8.       Back of an Envelope

If you still prefer to keep a handwritten record, hide it well away from your digital equipment.


Remember, creating strong passwords doesn't have to be complicated. Set aside some time, follow these steps, and take control over your online security. Stay secure and confident in your online adventures! 💻🔐



Here are some examples of 12 character passwords. Think of something you will remember that only makes sense to you! If you have a good memory for numbers, create numerical passwords, if you prefer letters or patterns use more of them.

Plan some in advance of needing them , you will think of better more secure ideas when you are not under pressure to create one!

Completely random














Rhyming and topical














Obscure (exchanging the letters with number 0)










































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After you read the article take a look behind the scenes at my authentic video to see how I used AI to help me create it!

A few years ago, most businesses in Clare, the area I live in, would find their customers through word of mouth. While this remains a very important way of developing any local business , it would be short sited for any business to ignore the impact of the digital age.

Today, if you are not set up online with a website and or social media to connect with your community, then it is likely that your competitors will be especially if they are from a younger generation.

Small business owners are realising the power of digital media in shaping the success of their ventures. As we step into 2024, let's explore the key digital media trends that can elevate your small business and keep you ahead of the curve.

 1.Developing your Business using Social Commerce:

Picture this: Jenny, a fitness enthusiast, stumbles upon an Instagram post showcasing a local gym's personalized workout plans. With a few taps, she not only enrolls in a virtual class but also purchases fitness gear directly through the app. Social commerce is booming, with platforms like Instagram and Facebook becoming virtual marketplaces. In fact, studies show that businesses leveraging social commerce have experienced a 30% increase in sales.


2. Video Content Dominance:

Meet Mike, the owner of a cosy bookstore. Instead of traditional advertising, he starts creating short, engaging videos about his favorite books and literary events. Video content is the reigning king in the digital realm, with 85% of small businesses reporting higher user engagement through videos. Don't shy away from showcasing your story through this dynamic medium to connect with your audience on a personal level.


3. Hyper-Local Targeting:

James, who runs a neighbourhood coffee shop, noticed an increase in foot traffic after implementing geotargeted ads. Digital marketing has evolved to prioritize hyper-local targeting, ensuring that your message reaches the right people in your vicinity. Statistics reveal a 25% increase in customer engagement for businesses employing location-based marketing strategies.

If you don’t use ads, the same principle applies, concentrate on developing your marketing strategy locally first and establish a solid base before you attempt to attract a wider geographic audience.


4. Authenticity Over Perfection:

Consider Emma, a handmade jewelry artisan who gains a loyal following by sharing the craftsmanship behind each piece. Consumers are increasingly drawn to authenticity over polished perfection. Showcase the unique personality of your business – share behind-the-scenes glimpses, stories of challenges overcome, and celebrate your successes. A genuine connection with your audience fosters trust and loyalty.


5. Podcasts

Mary loves to talk about her B+B business, but she is very shy in front of a camera and clams up! So a great solution for anyone who likes to chat is to set up their own podcast. Think of it as a new way to blog, once you are set up its easier to chat than write.  There are over I Billions blogs and only 4.2 Million podcasts just now so if you love to talk now is a great time to give it a try.



6. AI ( Artificial Intelligence) is here to stay!

This is the biggest trend of all for 2024.

In the same way we all became reliant on google to help us obtain information, the introduction of AI will soon become the first tool being used online to access information. Think of it as google on steroids!

As with all new tech, you will have to invest time learning how to use it, by attending webinars, reading articles, and just diving in and having a go.  Network with other small business owners using AI and see how they are using it too.




As a small business owner navigating the digital landscape, these trends can be game-changers. Social commerce, video content, hyper-local targeting, authenticity, podcasts and the introduction of AI, are the pillars that can elevate your business in 2024. Embrace the opportunities that digital media presents, and remember, it's not about outspending your competition but outsmarting them.


In this ever-evolving digital era, the question isn't whether to embrace these trends, but rather, how can you tailor them to make your business stand out? As you embark on this journey, ask yourself: How can the power of digital media transform your small business into a thriving community hub?


 If you want help with your digital strategy for 2024, contact me

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Have a look at one of my latest projects on this video. What a pleasure it was to work with Nicola and Ellie from The Barn at Easington, not just an Eco campsite, a social enterprise supporting and inspiring a wide range of events, schools, addiction groups, artists and musicians.

From updating their logo through each stage of their new website we worked together and this is the result.


Here is the feedback from my customer:

"We have just completed a new website design and update with Yoursimpledigital.

Wonderful experience! Annabel, the nonscarytechylady is just what she claims. She made it all so

pleasant and easy. We love the new design, it’s beauty, simplicity and clarity. Annabel totally got

what we were about and was able to edit all the massive tangle of info we gave her into an

accessible and sympathetic format. She listened carefully to what we said and and wasn’t afraid to

make constructive suggestions but without any pressure to accept them if we didn’t want to.

An almost painless delivery! Thanks Annabel."

Ellin Hare

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