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Website Tour. The Barn at Easington.

Have a look at one of my latest projects on this video. What a pleasure it was to work with Nicola and Ellie from The Barn at Easington, not just an Eco campsite, a social enterprise supporting and inspiring a wide range of events, schools, addiction groups, artists and musicians.

From updating their logo through each stage of their new website we worked together and this is the result.


Here is the feedback from my customer:

"We have just completed a new website design and update with Yoursimpledigital.

Wonderful experience! Annabel, the nonscarytechylady is just what she claims. She made it all so

pleasant and easy. We love the new design, it’s beauty, simplicity and clarity. Annabel totally got

what we were about and was able to edit all the massive tangle of info we gave her into an

accessible and sympathetic format. She listened carefully to what we said and and wasn’t afraid to

make constructive suggestions but without any pressure to accept them if we didn’t want to.

An almost painless delivery! Thanks Annabel."

Ellin Hare

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