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Your Simple Digital has a unique approach to starting any business online. In my experience, you need four things to create an effective online business. 


  1. Yes, you do need a website.

  2. You also need to be able to attract and collect an online audience.

  3. You need to learn how to communicate online.

  4. Then you work out how to use Social Media to your advantage.

Let me help you to get each of these four skills right from the beginning.



If you are starting from the beginning, I will help you to set up your business online with a choice of different website options that makes sure you begin with the best-suited website for you and your business. Combined with a simple Digital Marketing plan to help you develop your presence online.


If you already have a website but don't know what to do next, then I will help you to develop a complete digital marketing plan for your business.

Get comfortable with your online business and leave the SEO and the PPC and all the other “techy stuff” until later.




Your simple options to work with me

Complete start up package.


drawings of laptop email person creating and social media logos

Website                  Email                         Content                    Social 

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