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Why choose Your Simple Digital?

The digital revolution has transformed the way we communicate.

 It is available and unavoidable for every business.

Taking your business online can be very confusing to begin with.

There are so many ways you can do it, and each one requires you to learn new skills.

Turning to professionals for support with this important transition for your business should make it easier but finding one who will guide you through the process without causing further confusion can be a challenge.


I specialise in beginners.

I specialise in supporting and setting up early stage, first time online clients. Removing the feeling of overwhelm that so many business owners experience when starting or developing their online presence.

I recognise it is a process.

If you need to take your business online for the first time and have limited or no digital experience: There is a perception that taking your business online is quick and easy.

My approach is different because I concentrate on:

  • Helping you understand how your business will benefit from being online.

  • Setting you up with a digital plan and channels that you can manage on your own.

  • Recognising what stage you are in your digital development.

  • Working one to one at your pace.


First hand experience.

The reason I enjoy my work is because I understand what it feels like starting from scratch online. I was totally intimidated and overwhelmed by the first digital professionals who I engaged to help me.

I have been through the experience of working with web developers and digital marketers who either do not, cannot or will not explain, in a way that I understood, what they were doing for my business. The frustration of trusting another person with your business and not understanding what they are doing with it, is something that is sadly widespread.

Translation of “digital speak” into plain language.

The language of the digital world often requires translation when you are starting out, and this is sometimes forgotten especially by the generation who have grown up with it.

 When I am working with my clients, I am able to offer simple explanations in plain language.

Business Experience.

I have a broad professional and international background; I worked as a professional designer with all the major high street stores prior to creating and running my own online business. As well as offering digital support, I apply my experience as an award-winning entrepreneur, a corporate employee and my creativity to my clients’ businesses.

E-Commerce Entrepreneur.

I created and ran an online e-commerce business for 12 years. I have gone through all the stages of creating and developing a business online. From setting up in the back bedroom to running a warehouse with employees, I understand the pressures of running a business and trying to learn and apply digital skills at the same time.

No matter how inexperienced you are working online, or what you are trying to achieve, if you feel you are being left behind or intimidated about where to begin, then I would love to work with you.

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