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If you live in Ireland you can apply for government funding to support your digital development.

The scheme is run by the Local Enterprise Offices and you can apply for up to €2500 worth of match funding.

1. Contact your LEO

2. Check you are eligiable

3. Ring me to discuss your requirements.

Its not just for websites!

Most small businesses spend more than they need to on their first website. To create an effective online presence when you start online you also need a simple Digital Marketing Plan and to begin with a strategy.

If you live in Ireland you may be eligible to get matched funding up to the value of €2500. The Trading Online Voucher scheme includes all aspects of taking your business online.

3 reasons why you should work with me and apply for your TOV. 

​If you have heard about the Trading Online Voucher scheme and think it is just a way of getting a website part funded think again.

The scheme is not just for websites, it covers a much wider range of support.

The Trading Online Voucher scheme is devised to develop your total online presence. It includes consultation, training, digital marketing strategy, putting the digital marketing into practice, branding, app development, photography , video, and setting up alternative websites such as shopify.

My approach is different because of my experience running a business online. 

Would you like advice from someone who has run an e-commerce business for over a decade, is prepared to take the time to look at your business and work out how you can make full use of the match funded opportunity?

​I have been through the process of starting from scratch.

When I started I did not understanding the digital world, I remember feeling overwhelmed by not understanding the language, the stages, the entire process, and still having to develop my business on top of learning how to take my business online.

I specialise in helping clients who are new to the digital world.

​ As #thenonscarytechylady I specialise in helping people who are new to the digital world and find it a daunting to work out the best way to develop their business online.


I will asses your online presence and make sure your business gets full use of the wide variety of options available through the Trading Online Voucher Scheme. 

I will help you to do the paperwork too.

Who can you go to for independent advice? #thenonscarytechylady.

If you live in Ireland, are planning to take your business online, or have already taken it online and require further digital support, you may be eligible to apply for the Trading Online Voucher Scheme.  

If your business fits the criteria, you could claim up to €2500 back for your online development and Digital Marketing.



Find out if your business can apply to get 50% of the cost of your online development
paid for by the Irish Department of Enterprise.
The scheme includes Digital Marketing, its not just for websites.
The majority of my clients are eligible and benefit from this scheme. I help them with the application process.


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