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Who is going to admit to it?

When you are new to the world of digital it can feel like having to learn four languages at once.

It is a bit like having to go back to school and start all over again but this time in Swahili, maybe with Chinese lettering, advanced statistics and a creative arts degree thrown in.

To communicate online effectively you do need to learn a lot of skills, some completely new and some you may be used to doing already, but perhaps not online.

My aim is to introduce anyone who feels they may have left it a bit late, or who needs to take their business online for the first time into the digital world in simple language, simple stages and remembering to adapt the information to match the skills of my clients.

My start point is to divide digital into four manageable sections. Explain why each of them is important and how they all fit together to create your online space.

It is perfectly OK to admit you find it complicated when you start.

Especially for the generation who have had limited digital education and experience, there is not enough recognition that this can be very challenging.

We start at the very beginning, and take it from there!

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