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I practiced what I preached last week and took time out to join in more than one of the free events offered for Local Enterprise Week.

I particularly enjoyed the #socialmediamashup organised by Wexford LEO. We all have access to more help support and information than ever before, do not be afraid to use it!

It reminded me of the problem so many of us have when we start out. You are so busy working out the mechanics of HOW to work online you forget WHY you are doing it!

Here are some of the best take aways I was reminded of or learnt during the week.

“Social Media is not going away”

“You have to own a website” (You simply don’t know what could happen to the big boys such as Facebook in the future. Its not a good idea to depend on them.)

“Identify your customers and where they hang out online”

“Be consistent”

“Be yourself”

“Authentic authentic authentic” is the online version of “location location location” ( I made that one up!)

Everyone online is an influencer”

“Your website and your email list create your online value

“Share information and support generously online”

“An engaged online community online gives you power”

“You can learn online constantly, try utube or Google digital garage”

“Don’t expect quick results, it takes time to develop the knowledge skills and confidence to work online”

My favourite message of all was from Samantha Kelley aka the tweeting Goddess who has a great way of communicating.

“If you are a wagon in life, you are going to be a wagon online, just be kind”

Check out Samantha’s Women’s Inspire Network here.

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