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Is this a better value way to start your business online?

Your Simple Digital specialises in helping clients get their businesses started online.

Having run an online business in the UK for 12 years, I understand it can be daunting to take a business online for the first time. I love to help businesses through the early stages and take a practical view based on my own experience combined with the latest technology.

In Ireland, you can claim up to €2500 match funded towards taking your business online using the Trading Online Voucher Scheme (TOV). Because the scheme is readily available, the average price of a website in Ireland has inflated as web developers have been able to offer websites at a premium price knowing their clients were getting match-funded support from the Government.

This has created a false impression that it is necessary to spend around €2500 or more on a website.

When you are planning to go online for the first time you will hear this advice.

“You need a website for your business.”

“Use the Trading Online Voucher to help you get started.”

Both these comments are true, it is a very good idea to have a website for any business as it means you have full control over your own corner of the internet.

Using the government-backed Trading Online Voucher is also a brilliant way to help you when you are starting a business.

However, the digital world changes very quickly there are several alternative ways for Your Simple Digital use to take your business online without spending all your start-up money on a website. This allows you to develop your business idea in a more flexible way with a budget for a wider digital approach while still being eligible for the TOV match funding.

Instead of spending €2500 on a website, you could have a website PLUS all or some of the following:









Matching the most suitable options for your business, #thenonscarytechylady will guide you through the process and the cost, then help you apply for the TOV to get half of the money paid back.

This way you can use your TOV to get a full start-up package carefully matched to your business and budget.

Which one of these options looks like the best value for your budget?

Why not call me for a no-obligation chat about taking your business online?

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