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Days of the Year

Have you ever wondered where all the special days come from?

If you are looking for ideas to add content to your social media or a blog post have a look at this website.

Days of the Year is a website that collects the ultimate guide to the world's weird, funny, wonderful, unknown, and bizarre national holidays. You will find a Day for literally everything!

I chose this week to show you because some of them are so ridiculous and made me chuckle.

However, whatever your business, there is a day for EVERYTHING!

This week it happens to be:

Monday: National Hug a plumber day

Tuesday: Hug an Australian Day

Wednesday: World Stationery Day

Thursday: National Superhero day

Friday: National Hairball Awareness Day

Saturday: National Honesty Day

Sunday: World Laughter Day

You can check out the entire year on this website and search for topics of interest to you. Each day comes with a description of its history and can be a useful resource for some content for your social media or a blog post.

If you are a vet it might be quite fun to create a post about National Hairball Awareness Day, and then you could perhaps add some helpful information on how to avoid Hairballs!

Get searching, get inspired and enjoy!

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