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Celebrating Enterprise Week

Local Enterprise week March 7-11th

This Month all the 31 Local Enterprise Office’s in Ireland celebrate Local Enterprise Week From 7th-11th March.

A computer and some flowers on a table
I am proud of my small business, I run it from my kitchen.

Check out what is happening at the Clare Local Enterprise office here.

Check out the National events here.

Wherever you live in Ireland, find out what is available from your Local Enterprise Office.

Did you know they offer:

1. Free or subsidised training courses

2. Grant funding to get your business set up online.

3. Free Mentoring service

If you are thinking to yourself why bother? My experience of joining in has helped me …………..

Meet some wonderful likeminded people, it can be lonely when you set up a small business, meeting other people who are doing it too can really help.

Develop my knowledge, you have to develop many new skills to run a business, the LEO offer a wide range of courses.

Grow your confidence, it can take a while to establish your confidence when you start up as a small business, finding a mentor can really help you to talk through your plans and have another perspective as well as benefit from your mentors’ experience.

If you are not taking full advantage of the often free or heavily subsidised supports, I cannot recommend you highly enough to start now.


When you set up or run a small business, you are so busy getting through each day that you seldom stop to think why your small business matters.

It can take a while for your confidence to develop and to feel that you should be taken seriously as an entrepreneur.

There is a very good reason the government offer support via the Local Enterprise Offices in Ireland.

“Micro businesses play an important role in the Irish economy in terms of stimulating innovation, employment & growth. In Ireland, micro-businesses, with 1-9 employees, comprise over 90 per cent of all businesses.”

Every small business matters, remember to BE PROUD OF YOURS.

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