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#thenonscarytechylady’s Guide to digital trends for small business owners 2022.

Practical trends that will help you to understand how to develop your digital media as a small business owner in 2022.

Having rebranded as YOUR SIMPLE DIGITAL last year and recognising the increasing confusion felt by my clients around the constant changes in the digital world, I am delighted to see the emphasis in digital communication on authenticity, reality and above all SIMPLICITY!



At last!!!! The message has finally dropped, in a busy busy overcrowded space there is finally a need for clarity and simplicity when you create content to go online. The digital creators have remembered that it’s the general public they are communicating with, not other digital creators! Keep your posts and content exactly the same as you would in the real world and remember your content will be more effective if you stay consistent and keep it simple.

2.Natural unfiltered life:

Another refreshing breakthrough, put simply you can show up just as you would normally, no fancy filters required. It appears the super slick and glossy Instagram world is fading in favour of reality. How you normally present yourself is fine. Obviously you need to pick the spinach out of your teeth, brush your hair and put your best self forward, but keep it real.


If you are struggling with the idea that an influencer is not a proper job, think again. Influencers are here to stay and should be taken seriously. Try to become aware of who the “influencers” are in your industry. Look at what they do online and connect with them.

For business community watch out for linkedinfuensers.

4.Mental health: Diversity: Inclusion: Sustainability: Equality: Gender neutrality: Accessibility:

The online world although largely unregulated is turning far more PC. If any of these topics are important to your small business, don’t forget to illustrate your ethics. Make sure you include story’s, posts , blogs or video that explain your values as a small business. If you run a coffee shop near a beach and you organise regular beach cleans don’t forget to say so.


5.Tik Tok:

No longer just a bit of fun for showing off your dance moves. All the big brands are using it and we are beginning to see it used in very creative ways by business owners. If you are not ready to try Tik Tok have a look at the Discover section to see how it is being used and maybe set up a page for your business in the future….It’s not going away!

6. Linkedin:

This is a great opportunity for small business owners because it is comparatively easier to be seen or found on Linkedin. Set up as a business community and used for recruitment or developing your business connections, it has developed a much wider approach now. Whatever business you are in, no matter how big or small Linkedin is another way you can illustrate your knowledge experience product or service.


7.Video and Voice:

Don’t panick! You will have to include video and you will have to learn how to speak online at some point. There is no question this is how the digital world is developing. Just when you are getting confident writing and taking pictures the goal posts shift. It is perfectly natural for most people to freeze in front of a video camera, and to feel uncomfortable talking when you are not used to it.

8.The Metaverse

Facebook has rebranded as “META” and the big boys in Silcone Valley are taking over, the digital revolution is accelerating at speed. The “Metaverse” is a new name to describe the way digital will impact our lives in the future. Simply put the way we interact, and work has changed forever. The technological advances enabled by the digital age will affect everyone. For most small businesses this is futuristic and its not time to worry about yet, just be aware the changes will be coming.

If this list was helpful please share it , and if you are concerned about what do do next online, you can contact #thenonscarytechylady here.

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