If you already have a website and want a Simple Digital Market plan for your online business.

You already have a website set up and want to start with a simple digital marketing plan.

Making sense of digital marketing when you are new to it can be very overwhelming.

I will look at your business with you and help you to work out a simple strategy to develop and grow your online audience.  

Together we will create a simple strategy and help you to understand how to communicate online and to use Social Media as a helpful tool rather than a drain on your time. 

           Your email list         Content creation       Social media

This package is suitable if: 

Who is it for?

  • You have a website already set up and are ready to learn more.

  • You have tried different courses but can't work out what to do next

  • You are struggling with overwhelm

  • Your website developer left you feeling confused

  • You are not getting as much business online as you expected

  • You want to have a simple strategy to develop your business online.

  • You spend hours on Social Media and it is not generating any income.

  • You have a website that never changes.

  • You would like someone to guide you step by step through each stage.

  • You are underconfident or new to working online.

This is NOT for you if:

  • Have no website set up

  • You just want to learn about Social media


Your site is linked to an email service so you can begin to collect your audience of customers or clients.


Learning to communicate online requires a mixture of skills. This package works with you to recognise and develop your own skills.


This package includes setting up your key social media sites, so you can attract more visitors to your website.



Designed to support complete beginners to digital Marketing. Helping you to develop your confidence and skills as well as establishing a simple Digital Marketing plan for your business.

+ email collecting list set up

+ Introduction to email marketing

+ Create your first email

+ introduction to content creation

+ 1 month plan

+ set up your content creation file

+ 1 x social media site set up

+ social media content planning.

+ Simple Digital marketing Plan for your business



Suitable for people with more experience working online , but who are still not clear how to develop an effective Digital Marketing plan to grow their business. 

+ email collecting list set up

+ Introduction to email marketing

+ Create 12 months of email

+ introduction to content creation

+ 12 month plan

+ set up your content creation file

+ how to develop video for content

+ Introduction to Canva design tool

+ 3 x social media sites set up

+ social media content planning.

+ how to schedule and plan posts

+ Digital Marketing Plan for your business

+ 12 months content creation and re purposing.


Find the perfect plan to start Digital Marketing  your business.