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Your Simple Digital Tips

Read the latest news and tips from your simple digital to help you understand the digital process as simply as possible.

How to avoid feeling naked online?

By naked I don’t mean literally, I mean feeling uncomfortable showing up online especially now there is increased pressure to present in video or live.

For some reason you can be perfectly confident, enthusiastic, knowledgeable experienced and comfortable presenting your business to people in the real world but asked to present the same information online and you freeze up and feel naked in the spotlight.

Every business today requires an online presence just to be found and appear credible in the digital age. Once you decide to take your business online, business owners are faced with the dilemma of how much online exposure they personally feel comfortable with.

We all have different personalities and varying levels of confidence. When it comes to presenting your business some of us will find it easy, but for most people I meet it is a challenge that requires practice, training, and time to develop.

6 Simple tips to help feel more confident when presenting your business online.

1.Learn how to delete before you start posting.

Before you post anything online, teach yourself how to delete the process, this gives you the confidence that if you make a mistake, you can begin again, or prevent anything from being released that you are unhappy about.

2. Have clear separation between your personal and professional posts.

Keep your business separate online from your personal life. Your professional profiles need to reflect your business, not your private life.

3. Avoid social comparison.

Remember many of the people who appear confidently online do it as a full-time occupation and are adept at presenting a carefully curated “perfect” version of their business/lifestyle. While I encourage online research, remember to add your own filter and notice businesses that have a similar experience level to you.

4. Never post when you are over emotional.

If you feel upset, annoyed, or emotional, you are more likely to post something you might later regret, where possible plan out your posts in advance, rather than post on the spur of the moment.

5. Concentrate on your own business and think about who you wish to attract!

Remember you are online to find people who are interested in what you do, and how you can help them. If you think about who you want to attract and talk about why they might be interested in what you have to offer, and show your natural enthusiasm the rest will come.

6. Give yourself time to get comfortable online. Wait until you are ready.

Acknowledge your own level of experience and what stage you are in your own digital development. Its better to wait until you feel confident you will represent your business/brand/self than push ahead when you are feeling uncomfortable.

If you are feeling a bit naked in the spotlight when you start putting your business online, its perfectly understandable.

Contact #thenonscarytechylady for help.

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Forget LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION, my best simple tip for developing a successful digital empire is


I was reviewing the subjects I have chosen to highlight in my social media this year and realised that I am drawn to or distracted by some of the latest developments in the digital world.

Yes, I specialise in beginners and helping my clients through the early stages of their digital development.

So why am I confusing matters by getting excited about the latest developments on Canva and Chat GPT?

My specialty is guiding clients through the beginning stages of moving their businesses online, helping them avoid confusion about how to begin, where to begin, and which bits to concentrate on first.

Getting the balance right between the basics and which of the latest tools to use, to begin with, is a challenge simply because it is all changing so quickly.

My attraction to the shiny and new is understandable, the world of digital is exciting and fast-paced. Everyone who is dedicated to their craft gets distracted by the latest innovations.

One of the problems with working digitally is that there are just TOO MANY DISTRACTIONS!

One of the secrets of success online is to FOCUS on what you are doing and avoid distractions.

There are so many options to choose from and the tech is available for an individual to achieve so much on their own if they have the time and the inclination.

The problem for most small business owners is that they have neither the time nor the inclination but are under pressure to achieve staggering levels of digital training and development on top of running their businesses.

If you are suffering from digital overload (it’s a thing) and are finding the distractions getting in the way and consequently losing your FOCUS, then take heart.

To work effectively online as an individual, you need to develop a wide range of new skills:

A skilled writer.

A creative photographer

An innovative videographer

A designer.

A genius on social media.

A website developer

This list goes on……..

From my experience, digital development takes a great deal of time and effort to achieve results, it is fraught with distractions and takes longer than is widely acknowledged.

If you are in the early stages of your digital journey don’t be put off, although it is distracting and challenging, it is also a wonderful opportunity to develop your passions and business make connections you could never imagine. With the right FOCUS you can become the star of your own show.

As for the distractions, they are not going away, you must add “FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS” to your list of new skills!

Let me help you to develop your FOCUS and avoid the pitfalls of digital distraction.

Call me, of contact me to discuss your digital requirements.

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A woman sitting at her laptop working.
Simple Digital Marketing

With the ever-changing digital world, it can be difficult to know where to begin to market your business online. Developing a well thought out strategy for digital marketing will really help, and here are 5 tips on crafting an effective and simple plan.

1.Establish Your Goals and Objectives

Before you start to map out your digital marketing strategy, make sure to take the time to analyse and assess your goals. Really think about what it is that you want to achieve with your digital marketing plan.

Knowing exactly where you’re starting from and the direction that you’d like to go in will help ensure the success of your efforts.

Your goals could be one or all of these:

I want to raise awareness of my brand.

I want to get more people to visit my business.

I want to increase my sales.

I want to stand out from my competition.

2.Research & Identify who you are trying to attract.

Think about your customers or clients, and what will make them attracted to you and your business. Conducting thorough research into your target audience is essential when creating your digital marketing strategy. You should identify who they are, what social media they use, and what type of content they consume the most. Identifying these aspects of your audience will help you decide where to focus your efforts and choose which online channels might have the most impact.

These are the type of questions to ask. Are my clients/customers…

Men Women Other All?

Do they fall into an average age group?

Where do they live?

What social media would they most use?

Why are they looking for my product/service

What is their need / problem?

How do you satisfy their need or solve their problem?

3. Test, Evaluate, and refine Strategies

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different strategies in your digital marketing efforts. Test different content types on different channels, and evaluate which ones work best for you. You should also keep tabs on your competitors and see what’s working for them. Try to use the strategies that seem most successful for you, so you can refine them over time and get the best results possible from your campaigns.

To test your ideas, you could:

Try Facebook and Instagram and see which works most effectively for your business.

Look at your competitors or similar businesses both locally and internationally. Notice the things they do well and why you are attracted to it.

Claim your business on Google search.

4. Develop Content Plan for Multiple Channels

Creating content for all the different channels you’re active on can be overwhelming. But it’s important to have a plan that covers all of your marketing channels, so you don’t miss any opportunities. To develop a plan, create a list of platforms you want to target and determine how many pieces of content you will produce each week. The list should include social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as other content platforms like YouTube, blogs, and distributed channels like email and podcasting.

If you can set aside a certain time each week and make it a part of your routine this will greatly increase your results.

Your plan could look like this:

Monthly: Create blog post

Send out an email.


Monday: Post on Facebook

Tuesday: 2 hours of content creation.

Wednesday: Post on Instagram


Friday: Create and post an Instagram Reel

5.Analyse the results of your content and clarify your Message

The best bit about working online is that you can see what is or isn’t working. Every online channel can give you the results from your publicised content. Once you can understand what you are doing and which bits of your content are attracting your ideal customers or clients, then you can improve your results by developing the ideas that worked best. This is how you learn to clarify your message and attract more people who are interested in what you do.

When you start out keep each stage as simple as possible. Its more effective to do one thing well than a lot of things badly.

If you would like a 20 FREE review of your digital plan with Annabel #thenonscarytechylady. Book here

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