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6 Simple tips to avoid feeling "Naked in the Spotlight"

How to avoid feeling naked online?

By naked I don’t mean literally, I mean feeling uncomfortable showing up online especially now there is increased pressure to present in video or live.

For some reason you can be perfectly confident, enthusiastic, knowledgeable experienced and comfortable presenting your business to people in the real world but asked to present the same information online and you freeze up and feel naked in the spotlight.

Every business today requires an online presence just to be found and appear credible in the digital age. Once you decide to take your business online, business owners are faced with the dilemma of how much online exposure they personally feel comfortable with.

We all have different personalities and varying levels of confidence. When it comes to presenting your business some of us will find it easy, but for most people I meet it is a challenge that requires practice, training, and time to develop.

6 Simple tips to help feel more confident when presenting your business online.

1.Learn how to delete before you start posting.

Before you post anything online, teach yourself how to delete the process, this gives you the confidence that if you make a mistake, you can begin again, or prevent anything from being released that you are unhappy about.

2. Have clear separation between your personal and professional posts.

Keep your business separate online from your personal life. Your professional profiles need to reflect your business, not your private life.

3. Avoid social comparison.

Remember many of the people who appear confidently online do it as a full-time occupation and are adept at presenting a carefully curated “perfect” version of their business/lifestyle. While I encourage online research, remember to add your own filter and notice businesses that have a similar experience level to you.

4. Never post when you are over emotional.

If you feel upset, annoyed, or emotional, you are more likely to post something you might later regret, where possible plan out your posts in advance, rather than post on the spur of the moment.

5. Concentrate on your own business and think about who you wish to attract!

Remember you are online to find people who are interested in what you do, and how you can help them. If you think about who you want to attract and talk about why they might be interested in what you have to offer, and show your natural enthusiasm the rest will come.

6. Give yourself time to get comfortable online. Wait until you are ready.

Acknowledge your own level of experience and what stage you are in your own digital development. Its better to wait until you feel confident you will represent your business/brand/self than push ahead when you are feeling uncomfortable.

If you are feeling a bit naked in the spotlight when you start putting your business online, its perfectly understandable.

Contact #thenonscarytechylady for help.

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