Complete start up package.

If you want to take your business online and need to include a website

A complete package to set up your business online for the first time. Start your online business with each of these four sections set up and a plan to keep it going after you have started. 

Your website           Your email list         Content creation       Social media

This package is suitable for: 

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs solopreneurs mumpreneurs starting a new business online for the first time

  • SMEs taking an existing business online for the first time

  • Product based businesses

  • Service based businesses

  • Business people who previously had a team to do their digital work but now have to do it themself.

  • Retirees who want to start online but have no experience.

  • Creatives and makers who want to develop their hobby/side hustle online for the first time.

  • If you prefer to work with one person who will take an interest in your business. rather than taking lots of courses and trying to put it all together.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You have a website set up

  • You already have a digital strategy

  • You are confident and experienced working online.

What is included in the complete package? 

This package starts with your website. We select the best platform for your business and create your site.

Your site is linked to an email service so you can begin to collect your audience of customers or clients.

I will help you learn how to create content for your website, your emails, and your social media. This is put into a simple digital marketing strategy.

This package includes setting up your key social media sites, so you can attract more visitors to your website.






Find the perfect plan to start your online business.


For small business owners, side hussels or someone testing out an idea to see if it works online. A starter pack.

+ simple website with 3 pages

+ email collecting list set up

+ introduction to content creation

+ 1 x social media site set up

Ideal for taking your business online for the first time when you want to tell people all about your business or service. 

+ starter website with 5+ pages

+how to make simple changes on your website

+ email collecting list set up

+ how to create email content 

+ introduction to content creation 

+ 1 month marketing plan

+ 2 x social media sites set up




If you have a product based business and need to sell lots of different items online.

+ e-commerce website with 10+ pages

+how to manage the back of your website

+ email collecting list

+ how to create email content 

+ 12 month content plan

+ introduction to content creation 

+ 12 month Digital marketing plan

+ 3 x social media site set up

+ repurposing plan for social media.




You prefer to pay more for individual attention focused on you and your business needs and get started a bit quicker.

Get Social media working effectively

You are comfortable to pay less and work in small groups and take a bit more time to establish your online business.


A choice of website platforms including




START with the web platform that is best for YOU.

Unlike many digital agencies, we offer a choice of different platforms to develop your website on. 

The selection will be made based on the type of business you run, your skill level how you wish to work on your site after it has been created, and, of course, your budget.

For example, if you have a product-based business, you need an eCommerce site, and have very little technical experience, I would advise that you set up a Shopify website.

If you have a creative business and require a very visual site, I would advise you to set up a Wix website because it is much easier to learn how to make changes yourself and intuitive for creative brains.

If you do not want to be dependent on another company for your site then I would recommend you select a  WordPress site, which is the platform used by 40% of websites on the Internet * and with much higher usage in Ireland.

*source W3techs web technology surveys


Start to collect your online audience

A choice of email services including 

Mail Chimp

Wix email

Shopify mail

An email list is a special list of names and email addresses of people who permitted you to send them updates and promotions from your business.  Having an email list is the most direct and reliable way of getting in touch with your customers. 

Over time a good mailing list can add value to your business. 

Start your online business with an email list and you will capture the people who are taking an interest in your business instead of allowing them to move on to the next person online. 


Learn how to translate what you do into the digital world.





Learn how to communicate online:

There is nothing worse than sitting in front of your laptop and not being able to think of a single thing to write about your business. Learning how to communicate online is an essential skill. 

You need to learn how to translate all of the things you do in your business and explain it online. 

As part of this package, I will help you to understand how to communicate online. This can be written, spoken, or by use of images, often a combination of each.







TIk Tok

Learn how to use Social media for your business:

How do you turn Social Media into a useful tool to help promote your business and at the same time avoid it being a drain on your energy and time?

I will help you work out the best place to devote your time on Social Media so that it becomes an asset to your business.