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Simple Digital for people who need to go online but don't know where to begin.


If you did not grow up with a digital background,  it can be daunting to know where to begin to go onlinefor the first time.

I work with clients who are new to, nervous of, or frustrated with the digital world but want to catch up and take their new or existing businesses online.

Here to get your business online

as simply as possible.

Hello,meet  #thenonscarytechylady

My name is Annabel, and I call myself #thenonscarytechylady.

After over a decade of running an online business,  I now help other entrepreneurs to take their businesses online.

If you are starting from the very beginning and want to take a new or existing business online for the first time, I will explain the basics, and show you how to develop your confidence and skills.

Annabel McMahon The nonscary techy lady




a speech bubble Trading Online Voucher

Find out if your business can apply to get 50% of the cost of your online development
paid for by the Irish Department of Enterprise.
The scheme includes Digital Marketing, it's not just for websites.
The majority of my clients are eligible and I help them with the application process.


Develop your own online business in four stages then make them work together. We can do one at a time or all four depending on what you need.

Are you ready to take your business online? start here: 


drawing of a laptop

How to create Your website so it becomes the heart of your online estate.

If you have do nothing with it ..nothing will happen.


drawing of an email saying hi

How to create an email list that allows you to keep in contact with the people who are interested in what you are doing online. 


drawing of five  social media logos

How to make social media into a positive asset for your business instead of a drain on your resources.


How to work out the

content you post

online. Where to

find images and what

topics to write about.

Are you thinking about taking your business online? Start here: 

Download my FREE tips to help you get ready to go online for the first time. 

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